Twin Flames at WAR!

Twin Flames at WAR!!!

No one REALLY needs to know what it means to be at “war” like Twin Flames “AT WAR!!!” .  . .

All it takes is hearing: . . . “So our energy fields . . . they’re connected???” And all WAR’S a GO!

Now, only the real “God of War” is REALLY the King of this game! I mean, a man chasing “Aphrodite” sets himself up for a hard catch to attract! Now he has another issue, it’s called: the men surrounding “Aphrodite” . . . and how to chase them away???

So after the “God of War” heard this “Energy field connection ‘stupidity,’” as he might call it, leave it to him to really show the world “how to play war.” He vowed to NEVER EVER care about “this notion.” Never once did he question how they could “possibly” be connected!

Now, knowing he isn’t into “energy field’s” and doesn’t understand “Twin Flame connections” . . . he secretly took the game to the extreme in ALL the WRONG ways! Now most people, don’t play like him! He went all out!

Just what would adding a new hair color do to my “energy field?” Just what would  . . . ZEBRA SOCKS . . . do to my energy field ???. . . What would wearing HOT PINK pants do to my energy field??? Those at “WAR” like him . . . don’t always “play fair.” He just kept questioning . . . what change is really big enough to affect Aphrodite???

(My thoughts: Okay . . . so even the God of War has his limits! This is the issue: One of these things he would DO, the rest he wouldn’t!!! . . . I’d HIGHLY ADVISE AGAINST THIS!!! However, some foolish fool out there WOULD . . .)

Now when he was waiting for any sign , any hint that all his “cleverness” was working, “Aphrodite” sat on the other side thinking . . . “No one’s dating him right? His new ZEBRA SOCKS are really repelling the ladies?? . . . right??? 😉 wink, 😉 wink!

So if you thought they weren’t TWINS . . . they are! And if their mischief isn’t getting them “anywhere” . . . that is still very much . . . questionable.

Their WAR is . . . ON!!!

For any who know they “can’t relate” stay tuned for the “teacher” and other twin flame stories soon to come!

Warning: These stories are FICTIONAL STORIES!!! Please admit the characters had FUN! Please calm any worry,  it was meant to be a very “polite” war story, with non-harmful examples of their made-up war. And don’t worry, this story is . . . to be continued . . . Love, Simone J. Hrouda

SOON to come: Holy Moly (The Story!!! Stay tuned for more!!!)

Beauty and Chaos: One Look in the Mirror

Beauty and Chaos are two twin flames loved for their exuberance!

Part I: Their Day

One day, Beauty was sitting around the living room. She had a huge pile of Twin Flame literature next to her, a mirror in her hand, and tears streaming down her face. Her sobs could be heard all the way down the hall.

Chaos ran to see what was the matter!

Chaos: “What’s wrong Beauty?!?”

Beauty: “It’s too AWFUL! TOO DREADFUL!!! I just can’t bear to look anymore!!!”

Chaos: “What’s the matter?”

Beauty: “It’s just this book on Twin Flames, it says, ‘Look into the mirror and see your true love in your shadows.'”

Chaos: “So what’s the problem?”

Beauty let out another loud sob and said, “It’s just that I looked into the mirror and all I saw was you!” She continued sobbing loudly . . .

Chaos threw the book at her and muttered quickly, “Drama queen . . .”


Part II: Their Story. . .

BeauTY and CHaos are letter twins!!! Their story goes like this . . .

Each one has a letter in their name . . . it’s T and K!!! They fight, bicker, even ghastly exhaust their senses in utter anticipation for another guess at who their Twin Flame is!!! Surprisingly, it’s still the same as it was yesterday, last year, last 20 years, etc! Each time they ask for a new partner . . . they just get turned around! They’ve requested a new one! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that . . . these “children” at heart know it, they don’t mind thee . . . “will this ever change game?” They know too well, that no matter what they think, they are still stuck with one another, and as much as their attitude retracts part of who they are from showing, twins like them, who yearn for love, are destined to continue bickering, and bickering, and bickering . . . with fate.

As the fate of all Twin Flames say: they too can find ways to move to one another, through, over, and around . . . each other’s shadow.

There you have it! Beauty and Chaos and their story!

Part III: Before Beauty and Chaos leave . . .their song:

Beauty flies, butterflies at the the flower store

Chaos cries, don’t you lie, at the Egyptian summer door

Oh, Beauty, don’t bye cries, don’t bye cries, yonder afro shore

Hair is short, short in cries, a day or two or more . . .

It’s a bro? Afro, a no! For mellow so, I soar

Sigh, lazy bye, hoops, and 7 drops of glittery soups

It’s always the mirror, at the door,

of the cries, flies, and sweet

goodbyes, of the sea,

For Shore

For some reason, these two just needed 3 parts. Just another Twin Flame love story… Like all Twin Flames . . . Beauty and Chaos will some day appreciate their ever so meaningful close connection. Love, Simone

This story is for FUN, it is fictitious, and may or may not have any morals to it! Did you enjoy this post? Read MORE . . . on this blog . . . Twin Flame LOVE STORIES!!!
Copyright 2017,  Simone J. Hrouda


The Twin Flame Eye Lock! . . . A Legend

Legend says . . .

One day the world woke up and screamed: I want my TWIN FLAME! Now, on that day, an epiphany was born . . . in order to “override” egos  (and ego views of ourselves), a new strategy was created! Legend said, our eye won’t see our Twin Flame as beautiful until we’re “ready,” until we see ourselves as beautiful, or until we gain “permission” to! . . . That being said, everyone’s idea of beauty, everyone’s vision, everyone’s idea of self was suddenly under scrutiny! It was a shock to discover how funny the eyes of Twin Flames really were!!! Gorgeous individuals had NO idea their Twin Flame couldn’t see them the way their peers, a camera, and their own eyes did!

The legend went on to say . . .

That the true image of your Twin Flame as the “HOTTEST PERSON ALIVE” was locked under divine guardianship! Your eyes can’t see it until you’re ready to see TRUTH, BEAUTY, and LOVE.

This upset the world! Arguments of denial, frustration, and hate erupted! People were saying things like, “You mean? I’m not NICE enough to think positively of my Twin Flame? You mean I’m not evolved enough to find them drop dead gorgeous? You mean . . . my eyes are STILL not letting me see that picture!!!” The answer was: NOPE!!! NOT YET!!! And Maybeee?  ;-P

So the legend said . . .

Suddenly everyone’s view of beauty changed! All of a sudden, to walk around “the curse” of the “your eyes are locked legend,”  EVERYONE wanted to date “JUST SOME GUY . . . “ and “Just some girl . . .” and, “Just some ordinary person . . .” and the slogan “they’re just some person,” was SO IN, it became so attractive to find “the human look . . . HOT!!!”

So, there you have it!!! The legend , temporarily known as the “Just Some Guy CRAZE” moved everyone to worship the beauty of the ordinary being. . .

The End

Disclaimer: this and all other Twin Flame stories on this blog are fictional, and though morals are present and messages vary, the intent is to vividly craft perspectives, ideas, and fun stories about Twin Flames. They are all written with love.

Simone ❤  

Copyright( 2017) Simone J. Hrouda

Twin Flame Game Time: Vocabulary Box (Uriel and Ariela)

What new words are Archangel Uriel and Archangel Ariela going to add into their “vocabulary box” (Wink! Wink!) . . . before they move towards their true loves! (AKA, for those not following their story: each other!) This pair of “Twin Flames” are SOOO different they’ve requested a few “helpful hints” and are thereby granted willful participation in the very first edition of: Vocabulary Box!

Ariela and Uriel, since this is your first time playing, each participant must first read the example below:

Twin Flames: Sun and Moon

  • Sun adds these four words for Moon to “love”: radiant, beautiful, sunny, warm
  • Moon adds these four words for Sun to “love”: shady, gray, quaint, and becoming

See now? How easy was that? Uriel, you’re first! What four words do you wish to add to your Twin Flame’s vocabulary?

Archangel Uriel says, “Baby, add baby, be mine, delete the word BABY! No, Baby! No!”

Now, we all know he cheated! Uriel? How many words was that??? Moving on . . .

Archangel Ariela says, “Why, no baby? Why? No?”

Ariela is that all?

Ariela says, “No baby, really does bum me out.”

… Moving on!

There you have it folks, the first version of “Vocabulary Box . . .

Which we all know and wish will at some point lead to some special vocabulary words, the like very miraculous: Will You Marry Me !!!. . . but not on this round!

Goodbye Folks!

Disclaimer: This is a fun fictitious flame story. The moral being, that there may be more to words than we think! Thanks for taking the time to read, until next time . . . Simone


True Love

I think my IQ just went down 5 points.

How’d you ruin the spaghetti?

I overestimated the tomatoes… by 5 cans

So what happened?

We played Russian acrobats change the Ukrainian light bulb. Have you heard of it?

Never heard of it. What happened?

We ended up buying a new table at the European furniture shop

How long do you think it will last?

You mean the table or the relationship?


Well, I have to make a choice: my presentation or my sudden dreams to become a world famous tumbler


I just have this feeling… that things will never be the same…

…And remember how I told you I just can’t stomach the bread?

Well, turns out it wasn’t the gluten, definitely wasn’t the bread…

Would you stop rambling?

It’s my IQ… it just won’t stay up

Honey, it wasn’t just 5 points that you lost

Don’t remind me, and it sure as Heaven wasn’t just one table


-Dedicated to Acrobatic Twin Flames… I’m sure somewhere in the world… they exist!

(Thank you for reading.)

The Big Big Big Big Shorts- A Twin Flame Story

These two are never gonna get it…

What makes them unique is that they need you to answer their question! Here’s their perfect dialogue.

Partner A: Do you remember?

Partner B: Yes, I remember.

Now before you get angry at me for hogging internet space with this rather short tale, I just want to remind you why! They cut it short! Anything longer is a suspicious response! They’ll flinch!

Here are the wrong answers:

a) Yes, of course I remember!

b) Yes, I remember it like it was yesterday, when you…

c) Yes, I will always remember

Now those three, they find suspicious! All three are totally wrong… they hint at a lie. They know it! They don’t want to hear it! They’ll cringe!

Moral here: There isn’t one!


Thanks for reading another… Twin Flame Love Story

(I don’t know where these come from, I pull them out of a hat, there’s always something not quite honest enough for me to claim them as real! Enjoy! Thanks for reading! And again… they’re just stories I find inspiring, funny, interesting enough to share!)

The Poker Players

The Poker Players!

God stuck the two poker players in a film when they were very young. They would NEVER stick themselves in the same family so God did it for them…

Legend has it these two Twin Flames were caught not looking at each other AT ALL because NO ONE (very casually) thought it appropriate, or saw the need! They made it through! They left! They are children at heart!

They’ll just be known for playing cards! That is really all! They just played cards…

Message about Twin Flames: Some just pass by one another without knowing it… and you don’t get to know when/how/why you’d miss one another!

They’re important enough to know they are children, have fun kids!

(Disclaimer: I have enough spiritual morals to “politely hide” the story enough NOT to clearly out anyone, so again: this is just a fictitious story! Or maybe something isn’t quite true 😛 “Film” may be substituted with “book,” “play,” etc. Hope you found the moral!)

How To Redirect Yourself To True Love!

Somewhere floating on cloud nine… lives Archangel Ariela! She loves to match make! One day she decided to help humans out by sharing some of her “dating wisdom.” She decided to give a class on true love! She came down from the Heavens above and wrote the following on a big chalkboard for humans to see. Everyone was asked if they knew ANYTHING about TRUE love. She proceeded to remind them what true love was in a rather long tedious lecture. It included the following MAIN POINTS:

Ariela stated the following, “Lots of times we forget the signs of … true love! Our ego might get in the way!

So here is a list of ‘signs’ that you too have experienced true love:

  • You felt it!
  • You were happy! Energized! Laughing!
  • For people who are color sensitive: You wore more color!!!
  • Your chakras … “lit up!” (with passion, love, eagerness to share!)
  • For overachievers— you found someone you can speak to at the PEAK of your intelligence!
  • You were placed next to them without a choice!!! Work, a play, school partner, neighbor, sport… etc. (Soul mates/twin flames are usually “destined” and ego-based moves require far more force… though, there are always EXCEPTIONS to this rule!!!)
  • Your partner shared your level of “beauty”… and as that is based off of “perspective…” adjusting to them and their life style did not diminish the things that make you glow!
  • Loosen up! Love was for fun! It makes life worth experiencing over and over and over again! That is the joy of it! (I realize a lot of people “evolve” to find themselves. At some point… you need to “loosen up!” and let honesty flow!)


  • Think back to puberty, your early teens, all your interests, all your pre-18 directions… What hair styles did you love? Fashion? Sports? Interests? What really made you happy? That is a GREAT way to remind you how early in life you got “those messages from the universe.”

There are always exceptions! Happiness is key! So is love!!!”

That was the end of Archangel Ariela’s speech! She returned to her home on “Cloud 9” where she counts butterflies and doodles large hearts with feathers… all day. She left all of the human listeners to… “connect all the dots.” They fought hard to believe love could possibly turn them into “children” at heart! The wallowed in confusion, fear, and hesitation to speak up and say, “so what does that mean… passion?”

But Archangel Ariela had already left! She went home! And all that was left was the trace of her presence… and the beauty of her message!

Just another… Twin Flame story… With love,  Simone

Warning! This story is NOT health related! It contains NO health advice! No stable advice and is just a story!!! Caution is advised!!!

The Story of “The Babel Twins”

The Babel Twins are a pair of “Twin Flames” whose signature connection is their unaware incorporation of The Tower of Babel into the theme of their lives. They unsuspectingly write about it, sing about it, dance about it.

They are known as two lovers. They divided themselves uniquely. Legends say, as their spirit is concerned, they split at the heart of the golden ratio, like only artists do.

As the legend goes, one of the twins took approximately 2/3 of their spirit, and gave his twin flame, a beautiful woman, the most important 1/3: the heart.

Not everything in life is divided up equally…

What happened? They wrote each other into their lives, into their hearts, and into the hearts of all those around them. When you can’t find them, when you can’t see them, when they aren’t around… that’s when you know they’ve found each other.


Picture and Story by: Simone J. Hrouda, watercolor, 2017

Three Chicks And A Conversation! The Nuclear War Test

The ULTIMATE TEST to see if you are really Twin Flames! (For FUN!!!) (Twin Flame is another term for perfect soul mate.)

Three chicks were sitting in a café. One says to the other… “You know what the ULTIMATE Twin Flame test is?

The second chick says, “What?”

The first chick continues, “It is when you’re stuck in a nuclear war shelter with your boyfriend (girlfriend, partner, ex friend… whatever), all alone, just the two of you… with no tasteful food, no music, no entertainment, and no energy for soul fulfilling activities. No singing, no dancing, no heat, no entertainment: NOTHING. As bored as you could possibly be!”

The third chick says, “I’ve heard of this! It’s when anything that can distract or light up your senses is removed, right?”

The second chick says, “And then what happens?!!”

The first chick continues, “Yes… it’s a test! All outside interfering forms of entertainment are removed! It is to see if without any outside elements, you know— pleasant things— you still both get along.

“I don’t get it,” said the second chick.

The first chick continues, “It’s to see if you can still tolerate each other in your most natural human state!”

The third chick adds, “So what do you both do in this nuclear war shelter… talk?”

The first chick replies, “Yes, talk! Or just simply acknowledge that as uncomfortable as you both become over days… weeks… months…, you two still don’t mind one another.”

The third chick says… “so you think all three of us would get along?”

The other two chicks grab their mocha cappuccinos with whipped cream, get up, and walk out the door…


Warning: Caution is advised! This is just a story! It has never been tested! I repeat: this is just a story! Love, Simone