Twin Flame Blog – Dilemmas!

Hopelessly tracking the mating practices of the Archangels and their true loves, one does approach a few “dismays”… Time is a ticking, stubbornness is at hand, and everyone is still figuring out… when will Archangels final “wing it, ring it, and marry!!!”

Tick tock! Tick tock! The mating bell is calling!

I must confess there are, as always, the usual disastrous hesitations, stacks of wholesomeness, and shrewd annoying habits creating a steep and never-ending hill to climb! What does this mean? Rumor has it… political spectrums are at opposing ends! 411- The Democrat gets a Republic! GASP! The bells are sure to ring? Scandalous… wait ‘til  God chimes in…

God: “How else did you expect world peace?”
Me: “Is this happening in the near future?”
God: “You tell me.”

More trouble in the special referentials… the artificial galactics are threatening to take back their technology if the naturalist saints don’t budge on their strict kosher lifestyles. The question is: Why won’t you just let me have my TV! It was my carrot first! Video games only on THURSDAY! (Twin Flame relationship issues…)

Will the battle end! Will the artificials all marry naturalists? Will the galactics merge with the saints? Will any sports team figure out why the score is unbalanced, impractical, and always slanted towards: LOVE!!!

Judgments are high! Beliefs are cornering off the happy with, well, a lot of people who are happy! This is NOT a time trust in environmental factors, this is NOT a time to panic, love is surely flying freely…

For today,

You words of wisdom,

Simone J. Hrouda

Just another Twin Flame “update” . . .

Warning: These are all “for fun!” All information on this blog is purely fictitious in nature. Please enjoy each piece for reading purposes only. Twin Flames is another word for soul mate, when viewed in certain terms. Sarcasm is abundant in the piece above. Thanks for reading!


Archangel Ishereal and Her Mate, Archangel Hereal


There was once an archangel named Ishereal . . . she married Hereal. It took them too long to read their own names. Their home nation was “Nothing Isreal.” Have you heard of it? A state of constant disbelief… These two individuals were Buddhist in nature. Their names haunted them. They did not want to attach to truth.

How does their story go? Ishereal was aware knowledge could stay put, if in fact she was okay with truth. Hereal thought given the state, well of their beliefs—everything could in fact stay in motion, as movement promoted closing of distance. They, like nature honored the seasons, knowing inside, man is not a plant.

In the abandoning of attachment, Hereal won his own battle with the world: you can’t hurt someone who preaches: let go.

Ishereal too followed her partner, she said, “If you love mankind more than you love me: they’ll know it.” She said, “You’re right: I believe you Hereal. I believe you are right. I’m letting you—go.”

What happened?

They independently faced the greatest challenge of their life—love lots. What is self-sacrifice? Design of the heart, design of the mind, design of the non-beliefs … of the time . . .

Hereal replied, “What is it to fight a state of frustration, a state of the self in a different location? What is it to think and hear only this, ‘yes, yes, yes, I do preach bliss.’ I know in my heart, that ‘I’ is not me. And thus in the end, I’ll tell you what’s bliss, sending a message around on repeat, let it go, let it go, ‘I do not preach bliss.’ I sent it to you twice, I’ll send it around, once through the mail, and once around town, until we can find why ‘Nothing Isreal.’ Cause I am not happy, with something I feel. The truth? It must sit, in pure honesty, and I? I too know… I no longer am real. Is it ego of mine or ego of yours? Just make it leave now … and I am forever yours.

The next day he changed his name to: Shenoreal.



(Copyright: Simone J. Hrouda 2017, a holiday story of love and our understanding of . . . a state of bliss.)

3 Chicks and a Conversation: The Raw Juice Test

Warning: This is just a story! It DOES NOT contain any accurate information! Please remember this and enjoy!

What gender is your Twin Flame? . . . these three chicks knew a “myth” to figure out just who, what, and how your Twin Flame . . . EATS! (The story is for FUN! Don’t worry too much about the morals, current diets, or overthink! It’s a story! A Myth! Just relax and enjoy!!!)

Three chicks were sitting at a café each drinking a raw juice.

The first chick says, “It’s all about raw drinks! Like drinking a raw smoothie?”

The second chick says, “Yes! That’s it! I heard of that myth!” They say, if you drink a raw juice . . . , well, whatever you eat right afterwards will tell you the gender/sex/personality of your Twin Flame!”

The third chick, “That must be true . . . all I ever crave after a raw juice is peanut butter.”

The first chick, “Peanut butter?”

The third chick, “Yeah . . . peanut butter.”

The first chick, “I go for meat, beef anyone?”

The second chick, “I stick with veggies, zucchini or kimchi for me!”

The first chick says, “I heard if you go for the peanut butter or meat, they’re probably a man.”

The second chick, “I heard that’s only half the time! I also heard guys will lead you to eggs if you should have a baby . . .”

The third chick says, “That’s not what I heard! I heard if you walk towards yogurt, eggs, or zucchini they could be a girl.”

The first chick says, “yeah . . . I heard meat could just be a meat eater . . . and an egg is for vegetarians . . . just depends on your ‘spiritual style.’”

The second chick, “This never works for me! I think I’m getting an English Asian, kung fu fighting leprechaun. I just go for foreign greens, squash, or Korean food! What do you you think?”

The first and third chick left to get another drink . . .

They both finished their raw juices and agreed: They both wanted chocolate. The first chick says, “forget it . . . this myth never works.” They got up and walked away . . .

The second chick says, “I knew it. . . they’re both getting someone with a tan.”

Later on, the third chick says to the other two chicks, “So . . . what happens when you crave nothing after a raw juice?”

The first chick replies, “You must already be in love  . . .”

Just another Chicks and a Conversation! These are for fun! This is a fictitious story!  Like the blog?  I can’t reveal their twin flames’ true identities just yet, their story continues . . . right here on this blog! Read more posts in the 3 Chicks and a Conversation category! This story written by: Simone J. Hrouda, Copyright 2017.

HoLy and MoLy . . . A Twin Flame Tale!

The truth about twins “Holy” and “Moly” is they are both 3 inches from “normal” . . . But in what direction . . .

Moly is more human (part animal)

Holy is the saint!

“Moly” digs the holes, and “Holy” creates the mountains! When will these two twins turn away from their extremes, try out their other side and walk towards each other???

“Legend says” . . . That balance must exist somewhere! If one side of their heart is creating the holes, the other must be climbing the mountains of dirt they used to hold! For this partnership, it’s walking towards one another and not away! Once Moly is finished digging up dirt, and Holy is finished battling the extreme hills, they will find comfort in a flat even land!

When can they both learn enough about themselves to seek a more even balance? How wide is their separation?! When will the holes and the mountains cease, and only their joint interest in land formations unite them?

Time will tell . . .

Other versions of this story include . . . “the cookie eater and the circle fiend” . . . “the gardener and the cyclist” . . . “the alien specialist and the unicorn artist” . . .

That is all for now!

Until the next post!

Warning: This is another Twin Flame story . . . as always it is pure fiction, including the three theoretical versions, though their stories may link to the overall message somehow. Please enjoy!

Twin Flames at WAR!

Twin Flames at WAR!!!

No one REALLY needs to know what it means to be at “war” like Twin Flames “AT WAR!!!” .  . .

All it takes is hearing: . . . “So our energy fields . . . they’re connected???” And all WAR’S a GO!

Now, only the real “God of War” is REALLY the King of this game! I mean, a man chasing “Aphrodite” sets himself up for a hard catch to attract! Now he has another issue, it’s called: the men surrounding “Aphrodite” . . . and how to chase them away???

So after the “God of War” heard this “Energy field connection ‘stupidity,’” as he might call it, leave it to him to really show the world “how to play war.” He vowed to NEVER EVER care about “this notion.” Never once did he question how they could “possibly” be connected!

Now, knowing he isn’t into “energy field’s” and doesn’t understand “Twin Flame connections” . . . he secretly took the game to the extreme in ALL the WRONG ways! Now most people, don’t play like him! He went all out!

Just what would adding a new hair color do to my “energy field?” Just what would  . . . ZEBRA SOCKS . . . do to my energy field ???. . . What would wearing HOT PINK pants do to my energy field??? Those at “WAR” like him . . . don’t always “play fair.” He just kept questioning . . . what change is really big enough to affect Aphrodite???

(My thoughts: Okay . . . so even the God of War has his limits! This is the issue: One of these things he would DO, the rest he wouldn’t!!! . . . I’d HIGHLY ADVISE AGAINST THIS!!! However, some foolish fool out there WOULD . . .)

Now when he was waiting for any sign , any hint that all his “cleverness” was working, “Aphrodite” sat on the other side thinking . . . “No one’s dating him right? His new ZEBRA SOCKS are really repelling the ladies?? . . . right??? 😉 wink, 😉 wink!

So if you thought they weren’t TWINS . . . they are! And if their mischief isn’t getting them “anywhere” . . . that is still very much . . . questionable.

Their WAR is . . . ON!!!

For any who know they “can’t relate” stay tuned for the “teacher” and other twin flame stories soon to come!

Warning: These stories are FICTIONAL STORIES!!! Please admit the characters had FUN! Please calm any worry,  it was meant to be a very “polite” war story, with non-harmful examples of their made-up war. And don’t worry, this story is . . . to be continued . . . Love, Simone J. Hrouda

SOON to come: Holy Moly (The Story!!! Stay tuned for more!!!)

The Twin Flame Eye Lock! . . . A Legend

Legend says . . .

One day the world woke up and screamed: I want my TWIN FLAME! Now, on that day, an epiphany was born . . . in order to “override” egos  (and ego views of ourselves), a new strategy was created! Legend said, our eye won’t see our Twin Flame as beautiful until we’re “ready,” until we see ourselves as beautiful, or until we gain “permission” to! . . . That being said, everyone’s idea of beauty, everyone’s vision, everyone’s idea of self was suddenly under scrutiny! It was a shock to discover how funny the eyes of Twin Flames really were!!! Gorgeous individuals had NO idea their Twin Flame couldn’t see them the way their peers, a camera, and their own eyes did!

The legend went on to say . . .

That the true image of your Twin Flame as the “HOTTEST PERSON ALIVE” was locked under divine guardianship! Your eyes can’t see it until you’re ready to see TRUTH, BEAUTY, and LOVE.

This upset the world! Arguments of denial, frustration, and hate erupted! People were saying things like, “You mean? I’m not NICE enough to think positively of my Twin Flame? You mean I’m not evolved enough to find them drop dead gorgeous? You mean . . . my eyes are STILL not letting me see that picture!!!” The answer was: NOPE!!! NOT YET!!! And Maybeee?  ;-P

So the legend said . . .

Suddenly everyone’s view of beauty changed! All of a sudden, to walk around “the curse” of the “your eyes are locked legend,”  EVERYONE wanted to date “JUST SOME GUY . . . “ and “Just some girl . . .” and, “Just some ordinary person . . .” and the slogan “they’re just some person,” was SO IN, it became so attractive to find “the human look . . . HOT!!!”

So, there you have it!!! The legend , temporarily known as the “Just Some Guy CRAZE” moved everyone to worship the beauty of the ordinary being. . .

The End

Disclaimer: this and all other Twin Flame stories on this blog are fictional, and though morals are present and messages vary, the intent is to vividly craft perspectives, ideas, and fun stories about Twin Flames. They are all written with love.

Simone ❤  

Copyright( 2017) Simone J. Hrouda

Twin Flame Game Time: Vocabulary Box (Uriel and Ariela)

What new words are Archangel Uriel and Archangel Ariela going to add into their “vocabulary box” (Wink! Wink!) . . . before they move towards their true loves! (AKA, for those not following their story: each other!) This pair of “Twin Flames” are SOOO different they’ve requested a few “helpful hints” and are thereby granted willful participation in the very first edition of: Vocabulary Box!

Ariela and Uriel, since this is your first time playing, each participant must first read the example below:

Twin Flames: Sun and Moon

  • Sun adds these four words for Moon to “love”: radiant, beautiful, sunny, warm
  • Moon adds these four words for Sun to “love”: shady, gray, quaint, and becoming

See now? How easy was that? Uriel, you’re first! What four words do you wish to add to your Twin Flame’s vocabulary?

Archangel Uriel says, “Baby, add baby, be mine, delete the word BABY! No, Baby! No!”

Now, we all know he cheated! Uriel? How many words was that??? Moving on . . .

Archangel Ariela says, “Why, no baby? Why? No?”

Ariela is that all?

Ariela says, “No baby, really does bum me out.”

… Moving on!

There you have it folks, the first version of “Vocabulary Box . . .

Which we all know and wish will at some point lead to some special vocabulary words, the like very miraculous: Will You Marry Me !!!. . . but not on this round!

Goodbye Folks!

Disclaimer: This is a fun fictitious flame story. The moral being, that there may be more to words than we think! Thanks for taking the time to read, until next time . . . Simone


True Love

I think my IQ just went down 5 points.

How’d you ruin the spaghetti?

I overestimated the tomatoes… by 5 cans

So what happened?

We played Russian acrobats change the Ukrainian light bulb. Have you heard of it?

Never heard of it. What happened?

We ended up buying a new table at the European furniture shop

How long do you think it will last?

You mean the table or the relationship?


Well, I have to make a choice: my presentation or my sudden dreams to become a world famous tumbler


I just have this feeling… that things will never be the same…

…And remember how I told you I just can’t stomach the bread?

Well, turns out it wasn’t the gluten, definitely wasn’t the bread…

Would you stop rambling?

It’s my IQ… it just won’t stay up

Honey, it wasn’t just 5 points that you lost

Don’t remind me, and it sure as Heaven wasn’t just one table


-Dedicated to Acrobatic Twin Flames… I’m sure somewhere in the world… they exist!

(Thank you for reading.)

The Big Big Big Big Shorts- A Twin Flame Story

These two are never gonna get it…

What makes them unique is that they need you to answer their question! Here’s their perfect dialogue.

Partner A: Do you remember?

Partner B: Yes, I remember.

Now before you get angry at me for hogging internet space with this rather short tale, I just want to remind you why! They cut it short! Anything longer is a suspicious response! They’ll flinch!

Here are the wrong answers:

a) Yes, of course I remember!

b) Yes, I remember it like it was yesterday, when you…

c) Yes, I will always remember

Now those three, they find suspicious! All three are totally wrong… they hint at a lie. They know it! They don’t want to hear it! They’ll cringe!

Moral here: There isn’t one!


Thanks for reading another… Twin Flame Love Story

(I don’t know where these come from, I pull them out of a hat, there’s always something not quite honest enough for me to claim them as real! Enjoy! Thanks for reading! And again… they’re just stories I find inspiring, funny, interesting enough to share!)

The Poker Players

The Poker Players!

God stuck the two poker players in a film when they were very young. They would NEVER stick themselves in the same family so God did it for them…

Legend has it these two Twin Flames were caught not looking at each other AT ALL because NO ONE (very casually) thought it appropriate, or saw the need! They made it through! They left! They are children at heart!

They’ll just be known for playing cards! That is really all! They just played cards…

Message about Twin Flames: Some just pass by one another without knowing it… and you don’t get to know when/how/why you’d miss one another!

They’re important enough to know they are children, have fun kids!

(Disclaimer: I have enough spiritual morals to “politely hide” the story enough NOT to clearly out anyone, so again: this is just a fictitious story! Or maybe something isn’t quite true 😛 “Film” may be substituted with “book,” “play,” etc. Hope you found the moral!)