Twin Flames: Are They Opposites? Or Twins…

Yes, they are TWINS in every way… but THAT!

……T.w.i.n..F.l.a.m.e.s:::your perfect partner and you…together make a pair……

There are no rules to love… Please forgive me for the following ‘fictitious’ examples of twin flames. The basic principle is ‘we evolve’ into our true selves, thus figuring out who really is our ‘perfect partner.’ Do you agree? Who am I kidding… we follow our own set of rules.  The message here is this: IT IS ALWAYS ABOUT UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. What does anyone know about twin flames…

The EGO and The Spirit: One partner is a perfect embodiment of the EGO. One partner would rather let ‘Spirit’ control their every move. It is a nightmare to coordinate plans. They make each other smile. No one understands ‘unconditional love’ until even the ego is valued. No, they don’t get very far, they bicker, they argue, they don’t see eye to eye, and they would never let each other go.

The ANGEL and the REBEL: She follows all the rules, he follows none. She cannot believe his conscience is okay with it. He can’t change. It is who he is. She is scared for his life. He abuses all loopholes, she stays clear of them. He doesn’t mind being arrested. She would freak out and have a panic attack if she accidentally did something wrong. She overpays in taxes, don’t ask him about money. She always wanted a rebel. She’s so happy he’s not her.

The WORKAHOLIC and the LAZY BUM: One refuses to stand still. Learning keeps them going, how can you just stop and talk about nothing? Their partner, they sit on the couch all day and laugh. They’re pure love. Nothing is pushing them forward to contribute to society. “I do absolutely nothing and I love it!” it is their natural state. Neither is ever going to change.

The STRAIGHT partner and the GAY partner: One knows they will forever be straight. The other is too well aware of their sexual orientation; they too know they will forever be gay. Enough said, even I don’t know how they end up getting together, but I know it’s who they are, and not even evolving will make them budge.

The DRAMATIST and the COMEDIAN: One only watches dramas, the other only comedies. “Life’s about the suspense,” says the dramatist. The comedian says, “I can’t handle anything serious, no pain, crack a joke, life’s too funny…” Yes, they fight over the remote. It’s a long night in.

The COUNTRY SINGER and the POP STAR: They can’t stand each other’s music. They rule different worlds, both popular like no one else’s business… Too intelligent to not be famous… to someone. They’ll keep the pain where it is. They know why.

There are always more… stay tuned for the next post!

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THE FINE PRINT: This post is solely for fun! No example above is meant to single out anyone, as these are not meant to represent actual twin flames. I like to believe we are all too unique to fit into any of the categories above. Each section may or may not teach something about unconditional love… as that is the only intention for the piece. The author is Simone Hrouda. She is a Kundalini Reiki Master and loves to share messages of unconditional love and acceptance. Email her with questions at ❤