Chubby Cheeks

Yang said to his dream wife, “Baby, please don’t look at another MAN… EVER!!!”

His dream wife (Yin) said, “Once I am on Earth, what if I forget?”

Yang said, “I’ll remind you! If you EVER look at another man… I’ll give you the BIGGEST CHUBBY cheeks ever!!! And then… I don’t know what I’ll do next. I’ll cry myself to sleep. Just know, I’ll know that you did it! You looked at another guy!!! I’ll know!!! No matter where I am!!! I will know!!!”

His dream wife gulped, she said, “Is that really necessary?”

He said, “You don’t understand!!! Just how much it hurts when you look at other men!!!”

She said, “What about women?”

He said, “… I didn’t think this through that far.”

She said, “How will I remember not to look at another man… what if I can’t find you???”
Yang said, “Don’t worry!!! I’ll make sure your cheeks get SOOO chubby… you’ll know you’re looking at the wrong GUY!!!”

His dream wife got really really really shy, she said in a quiet voice… “Sweetie, you’re nuts… “


(It’s really a story for “water elementals”… but others may also feel part water!)