Beauty and Chaos: One Look in the Mirror

Beauty and Chaos are two twin flames loved for their exuberance!

Part I: Their Day

One day, Beauty was sitting around the living room. She had a huge pile of Twin Flame literature next to her, a mirror in her hand, and tears streaming down her face. Her sobs could be heard all the way down the hall.

Chaos ran to see what was the matter!

Chaos: “What’s wrong Beauty?!?”

Beauty: “It’s too AWFUL! TOO DREADFUL!!! I just can’t bear to look anymore!!!”

Chaos: “What’s the matter?”

Beauty: “It’s just this book on Twin Flames, it says, ‘Look into the mirror and see your true love in your shadows.'”

Chaos: “So what’s the problem?”

Beauty let out another loud sob and said, “It’s just that I looked into the mirror and all I saw was you!” She continued sobbing loudly . . .

Chaos threw the book at her and muttered quickly, “Drama queen . . .”


Part II: Their Story. . .

BeauTY and CHaos are letter twins!!! Their story goes like this . . .

Each one has a letter in their name . . . it’s T and K!!! They fight, bicker, even ghastly exhaust their senses in utter anticipation for another guess at who their Twin Flame is!!! Surprisingly, it’s still the same as it was yesterday, last year, last 20 years, etc! Each time they ask for a new partner . . . they just get turned around! They’ve requested a new one! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that . . . these “children” at heart know it, they don’t mind thee . . . “will this ever change game?” They know too well, that no matter what they think, they are still stuck with one another, and as much as their attitude retracts part of who they are from showing, twins like them, who yearn for love, are destined to continue bickering, and bickering, and bickering . . . with fate.

As the fate of all Twin Flames say: they too can find ways to move to one another, through, over, and around . . . each other’s shadow.

There you have it! Beauty and Chaos and their story!

Part III: Before Beauty and Chaos leave . . .their song:

Beauty flies, butterflies at the the flower store

Chaos cries, don’t you lie, at the Egyptian summer door

Oh, Beauty, don’t bye cries, don’t bye cries, yonder afro shore

Hair is short, short in cries, a day or two or more . . .

It’s a bro? Afro, a no! For mellow so, I soar

Sigh, lazy bye, hoops, and 7 drops of glittery soups

It’s always the mirror, at the door,

of the cries, flies, and sweet

goodbyes, of the sea,

For Shore

For some reason, these two just needed 3 parts. Just another Twin Flame love story… Like all Twin Flames . . . Beauty and Chaos will some day appreciate their ever so meaningful close connection. Love, Simone

This story is for FUN, it is fictitious, and may or may not have any morals to it! Did you enjoy this post? Read MORE . . . on this blog . . . Twin Flame LOVE STORIES!!!
Copyright 2017,  Simone J. Hrouda



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