Twin Flames at WAR!

Twin Flames at WAR!!!

No one REALLY needs to know what it means to be at “war” like Twin Flames “AT WAR!!!” .  . .

All it takes is hearing: . . . “So our energy fields . . . they’re connected???” And all WAR’S a GO!

Now, only the real “God of War” is REALLY the King of this game! I mean, a man chasing “Aphrodite” sets himself up for a hard catch to attract! Now he has another issue, it’s called: the men surrounding “Aphrodite” . . . and how to chase them away???

So after the “God of War” heard this “Energy field connection ‘stupidity,’” as he might call it, leave it to him to really show the world “how to play war.” He vowed to NEVER EVER care about “this notion.” Never once did he question how they could “possibly” be connected!

Now, knowing he isn’t into “energy field’s” and doesn’t understand “Twin Flame connections” . . . he secretly took the game to the extreme in ALL the WRONG ways! Now most people, don’t play like him! He went all out!

Just what would adding a new hair color do to my “energy field?” Just what would  . . . ZEBRA SOCKS . . . do to my energy field ???. . . What would wearing HOT PINK pants do to my energy field??? Those at “WAR” like him . . . don’t always “play fair.” He just kept questioning . . . what change is really big enough to affect Aphrodite???

(My thoughts: Okay . . . so even the God of War has his limits! This is the issue: One of these things he would DO, the rest he wouldn’t!!! . . . I’d HIGHLY ADVISE AGAINST THIS!!! However, some foolish fool out there WOULD . . .)

Now when he was waiting for any sign , any hint that all his “cleverness” was working, “Aphrodite” sat on the other side thinking . . . “No one’s dating him right? His new ZEBRA SOCKS are really repelling the ladies?? . . . right??? 😉 wink, 😉 wink!

So if you thought they weren’t TWINS . . . they are! And if their mischief isn’t getting them “anywhere” . . . that is still very much . . . questionable.

Their WAR is . . . ON!!!

For any who know they “can’t relate” stay tuned for the “teacher” and other twin flame stories soon to come!

Warning: These stories are FICTIONAL STORIES!!! Please admit the characters had FUN! Please calm any worry,  it was meant to be a very “polite” war story, with non-harmful examples of their made-up war. And don’t worry, this story is . . . to be continued . . . Love, Simone J. Hrouda

SOON to come: Holy Moly (The Story!!! Stay tuned for more!!!)