Twin Flame Blog – Dilemmas!

Hopelessly tracking the mating practices of the Archangels and their true loves, one does approach a few “dismays”… Time is a ticking, stubbornness is at hand, and everyone is still figuring out… when will Archangels final “wing it, ring it, and marry!!!”

Tick tock! Tick tock! The mating bell is calling!

I must confess there are, as always, the usual disastrous hesitations, stacks of wholesomeness, and shrewd annoying habits creating a steep and never-ending hill to climb! What does this mean? Rumor has it… political spectrums are at opposing ends! 411- The Democrat gets a Republic! GASP! The bells are sure to ring? Scandalous… wait ‘til  God chimes in…

God: “How else did you expect world peace?”
Me: “Is this happening in the near future?”
God: “You tell me.”

More trouble in the special referentials… the artificial galactics are threatening to take back their technology if the naturalist saints don’t budge on their strict kosher lifestyles. The question is: Why won’t you just let me have my TV! It was my carrot first! Video games only on THURSDAY! (Twin Flame relationship issues…)

Will the battle end! Will the artificials all marry naturalists? Will the galactics merge with the saints? Will any sports team figure out why the score is unbalanced, impractical, and always slanted towards: LOVE!!!

Judgments are high! Beliefs are cornering off the happy with, well, a lot of people who are happy! This is NOT a time trust in environmental factors, this is NOT a time to panic, love is surely flying freely…

For today,

You words of wisdom,

Simone J. Hrouda

Just another Twin Flame “update” . . .

Warning: These are all “for fun!” All information on this blog is purely fictitious in nature. Please enjoy each piece for reading purposes only. Twin Flames is another word for soul mate, when viewed in certain terms. Sarcasm is abundant in the piece above. Thanks for reading!