This is blog is for FUN!

TWIN FLAMES are flamin’ HOT and SMOKING… It’s about LOVE, LOVE, and LOVE!!!

Reality? You have it all wrong! It is about MIRACLES, COUNTRY MUSIC, LOVE STORIES that will melt your heart.


So… Questions #1: WHAT ARE TWIN FLAMES?cat-and-mouse-011

Answer: If you were a flame… you’d have a twin! Simple as that!

It does not actually take much to decode twins…as they are the exact same flame. Who am I kidding… It’s a nightmare!

Here’s the SCOPe: About The Blog!

Random 2014-2015 1255~~~ Get ready!!! It’s Twin Flame Mating Season! Duck, duck, duck… Swan! I choose… YOU!~~~

The stories on this blog are for the sole purpose of expanding hearts! Or should I say: for the heart’s soul purpose???

What did you think life was about?

Few stories are serious. No stories are true. And all information is a sign… that love is everywhere, always and forever with us.

As for the rest of the details, the twin flame love stories are the fairy tales we can see if we choose to, that being said, they are there one way or another.

Why are all the stories “fictitious in nature?” Ideas in figurative form shape the stories. Sometimes creativity overrides truth… or maybe perspective and truth are not yet in alignment, or really, because the real stories are even better than my best fiction, and I’d rather let you write your own.



About The Author: Simone J. Hrouda

Simone enjoys painting, dancing, reading, cooking, writing, and a lot of other things. You can email her at: Twinflamelovestories@gmail.com with any questions or concerns. She thanks you cordially for stopping by, and loves hearing from you!

As for the blog, browse casually, visit again at the right time, and let your heart lead you to just the right post (as some may just not “fit”). Simone, the author, is a Kundalini Reiki Master, and though the stories are just that– stories, she still has a heavy spiritual center, and this blog allows her to finally share some laughter about the things many people fret about, the lines of love so often times invisible, taboo, or simply unknown, by recombining spiritual concepts into story lines.

Again, this blog is for FUN! Please remember that! It’s home to many moments when fantasy overrides . . . well, “something,” be it reality, our view of reality, or the “ego’s” ability to interfere with the enjoyment of love’s true nature . . . whatever the answer may be, Simone hopes readers can reshape the moral (if any) into some form of relatable light. She hopes you enjoy your reading!