Archangel Ishereal and Her Mate, Archangel Hereal


There was once an archangel named Ishereal . . . she married Hereal. It took them too long to read their own names. Their home nation was “Nothing Isreal.” Have you heard of it? A state of constant disbelief… These two individuals were Buddhist in nature. Their names haunted them. They did not want to attach to truth.

How does their story go? Ishereal was aware knowledge could stay put, if in fact she was okay with truth. Hereal thought given the state, well of their beliefs—everything could in fact stay in motion, as movement promoted closing of distance. They, like nature honored the seasons, knowing inside, man is not a plant.

In the abandoning of attachment, Hereal won his own battle with the world: you can’t hurt someone who preaches: let go.

Ishereal too followed her partner, she said, “If you love mankind more than you love me: they’ll know it.” She said, “You’re right: I believe you Hereal. I believe you are right. I’m letting you—go.”

What happened?

They independently faced the greatest challenge of their life—love lots. What is self-sacrifice? Design of the heart, design of the mind, design of the non-beliefs … of the time . . .

Hereal replied, “What is it to fight a state of frustration, a state of the self in a different location? What is it to think and hear only this, ‘yes, yes, yes, I do preach bliss.’ I know in my heart, that ‘I’ is not me. And thus in the end, I’ll tell you what’s bliss, sending a message around on repeat, let it go, let it go, ‘I do not preach bliss.’ I sent it to you twice, I’ll send it around, once through the mail, and once around town, until we can find why ‘Nothing Isreal.’ Cause I am not happy, with something I feel. The truth? It must sit, in pure honesty, and I? I too know… I no longer am real. Is it ego of mine or ego of yours? Just make it leave now … and I am forever yours.

The next day he changed his name to: Shenoreal.



(Copyright: Simone J. Hrouda 2017, a holiday story of love and our understanding of . . . a state of bliss.)


How To Redirect Yourself To True Love!

Somewhere floating on cloud nine… lives Archangel Ariela! She loves to match make! One day she decided to help humans out by sharing some of her “dating wisdom.” She decided to give a class on true love! She came down from the Heavens above and wrote the following on a big chalkboard for humans to see. Everyone was asked if they knew ANYTHING about TRUE love. She proceeded to remind them what true love was in a rather long tedious lecture. It included the following MAIN POINTS:

Ariela stated the following, “Lots of times we forget the signs of … true love! Our ego might get in the way!

So here is a list of ‘signs’ that you too have experienced true love:

  • You felt it!
  • You were happy! Energized! Laughing!
  • For people who are color sensitive: You wore more color!!!
  • Your chakras … “lit up!” (with passion, love, eagerness to share!)
  • For overachievers— you found someone you can speak to at the PEAK of your intelligence!
  • You were placed next to them without a choice!!! Work, a play, school partner, neighbor, sport… etc. (Soul mates/twin flames are usually “destined” and ego-based moves require far more force… though, there are always EXCEPTIONS to this rule!!!)
  • Your partner shared your level of “beauty”… and as that is based off of “perspective…” adjusting to them and their life style did not diminish the things that make you glow!
  • Loosen up! Love was for fun! It makes life worth experiencing over and over and over again! That is the joy of it! (I realize a lot of people “evolve” to find themselves. At some point… you need to “loosen up!” and let honesty flow!)


  • Think back to puberty, your early teens, all your interests, all your pre-18 directions… What hair styles did you love? Fashion? Sports? Interests? What really made you happy? That is a GREAT way to remind you how early in life you got “those messages from the universe.”

There are always exceptions! Happiness is key! So is love!!!”

That was the end of Archangel Ariela’s speech! She returned to her home on “Cloud 9” where she counts butterflies and doodles large hearts with feathers… all day. She left all of the human listeners to… “connect all the dots.” They fought hard to believe love could possibly turn them into “children” at heart! The wallowed in confusion, fear, and hesitation to speak up and say, “so what does that mean… passion?”

But Archangel Ariela had already left! She went home! And all that was left was the trace of her presence… and the beauty of her message!

Just another… Twin Flame story… With love,  Simone

Warning! This story is NOT health related! It contains NO health advice! No stable advice and is just a story!!! Caution is advised!!!