True Love

I think my IQ just went down 5 points.

How’d you ruin the spaghetti?

I overestimated the tomatoes… by 5 cans

So what happened?

We played Russian acrobats change the Ukrainian light bulb. Have you heard of it?

Never heard of it. What happened?

We ended up buying a new table at the European furniture shop

How long do you think it will last?

You mean the table or the relationship?


Well, I have to make a choice: my presentation or my sudden dreams to become a world famous tumbler


I just have this feeling… that things will never be the same…

…And remember how I told you I just can’t stomach the bread?

Well, turns out it wasn’t the gluten, definitely wasn’t the bread…

Would you stop rambling?

It’s my IQ… it just won’t stay up

Honey, it wasn’t just 5 points that you lost

Don’t remind me, and it sure as Heaven wasn’t just one table


-Dedicated to Acrobatic Twin Flames… I’m sure somewhere in the world… they exist!

(Thank you for reading.)


What Stays The Same?

One rose let go of its color, you took it, I know you did

Not enough space for us both.

I preferred a pink shade.

Jealousy, it’s the absence of my orange

Blame the drought, no I blame you.

Why not question the water? My petals wouldn’t dream of it!

We were supposed to be one of the same.

Difference, blame natural selection

I wouldn’t dream of doing that

Why’d you get all the color?

Relax, I held it just to hear you complain… you done?

I can’t dance this close to you.

That’s exactly why this distance is preferred

Is this ever gonna change?



—2 roses … in harmony… with one another…

Chakra Tug-Of-War

A love poem…

I yanked hard on the lines, all 7

Who tied us together? Heaven baby, heaven

Greedy? . . . I’d say fair?

I’ll take more of the heart now, thank you very much

Which half is mine? Of the world or of my heart?

It’s my heart as well. Intuition, who gets that?

You abused it, it’s now mine

You don’t know how to use it!

You’re gonna have to override me now

I never learned how to yank on the line

It shows

Less meat dear, so I’m not stuck with all veggies

It doesn’t work that way

So why is the divide equal?

Nothing is ever equal

So give up one more thing

Just yank, and your wish is granted

You’re no leader of the pack

Well, you’re no sunny princess

So what are the rules?

Tug-of-War: Equals, balance is key

What if the ropes drop?

Then we agree, I get the heart?

I’ll have to stand closer to you.

How close?

Opposing beliefs, just switch sides

it’d feel better if you’d love me

Then blame heaven, cause the war . . .

it’s on.


It ain’t easy, Listening . . . to the line

Will it hurt?


Yes, hurt.

You or me?

Heaven baby, what’s a little pain?


Who is this pair? Let’s just call them . . . Kay and Sera!

A love poem, by Simone Hrouda