3 Chicks and a Conversation: The Raw Juice Test

Warning: This is just a story! It DOES NOT contain any accurate information! Please remember this and enjoy!

What gender is your Twin Flame? . . . these three chicks knew a “myth” to figure out just who, what, and how your Twin Flame . . . EATS! (The story is for FUN! Don’t worry too much about the morals, current diets, or overthink! It’s a story! A Myth! Just relax and enjoy!!!)

Three chicks were sitting at a café each drinking a raw juice.

The first chick says, “It’s all about raw drinks! Like drinking a raw smoothie?”

The second chick says, “Yes! That’s it! I heard of that myth!” They say, if you drink a raw juice . . . , well, whatever you eat right afterwards will tell you the gender/sex/personality of your Twin Flame!”

The third chick, “That must be true . . . all I ever crave after a raw juice is peanut butter.”

The first chick, “Peanut butter?”

The third chick, “Yeah . . . peanut butter.”

The first chick, “I go for meat, beef anyone?”

The second chick, “I stick with veggies, zucchini or kimchi for me!”

The first chick says, “I heard if you go for the peanut butter or meat, they’re probably a man.”

The second chick, “I heard that’s only half the time! I also heard guys will lead you to eggs if you should have a baby . . .”

The third chick says, “That’s not what I heard! I heard if you walk towards yogurt, eggs, or zucchini they could be a girl.”

The first chick says, “yeah . . . I heard meat could just be a meat eater . . . and an egg is for vegetarians . . . just depends on your ‘spiritual style.’”

The second chick, “This never works for me! I think I’m getting an English Asian, kung fu fighting leprechaun. I just go for foreign greens, squash, or Korean food! What do you you think?”

The first and third chick left to get another drink . . .

They both finished their raw juices and agreed: They both wanted chocolate. The first chick says, “forget it . . . this myth never works.” They got up and walked away . . .

The second chick says, “I knew it. . . they’re both getting someone with a tan.”

Later on, the third chick says to the other two chicks, “So . . . what happens when you crave nothing after a raw juice?”

The first chick replies, “You must already be in love  . . .”

Just another Chicks and a Conversation! These are for fun! This is a fictitious story!  Like the blog?  I can’t reveal their twin flames’ true identities just yet, their story continues . . . right here on this blog! Read more posts in the 3 Chicks and a Conversation category! This story written by: Simone J. Hrouda, Copyright 2017.


The Twin Flame Eye Lock! . . . A Legend

Legend says . . .

One day the world woke up and screamed: I want my TWIN FLAME! Now, on that day, an epiphany was born . . . in order to “override” egos  (and ego views of ourselves), a new strategy was created! Legend said, our eye won’t see our Twin Flame as beautiful until we’re “ready,” until we see ourselves as beautiful, or until we gain “permission” to! . . . That being said, everyone’s idea of beauty, everyone’s vision, everyone’s idea of self was suddenly under scrutiny! It was a shock to discover how funny the eyes of Twin Flames really were!!! Gorgeous individuals had NO idea their Twin Flame couldn’t see them the way their peers, a camera, and their own eyes did!

The legend went on to say . . .

That the true image of your Twin Flame as the “HOTTEST PERSON ALIVE” was locked under divine guardianship! Your eyes can’t see it until you’re ready to see TRUTH, BEAUTY, and LOVE.

This upset the world! Arguments of denial, frustration, and hate erupted! People were saying things like, “You mean? I’m not NICE enough to think positively of my Twin Flame? You mean I’m not evolved enough to find them drop dead gorgeous? You mean . . . my eyes are STILL not letting me see that picture!!!” The answer was: NOPE!!! NOT YET!!! And Maybeee?  ;-P

So the legend said . . .

Suddenly everyone’s view of beauty changed! All of a sudden, to walk around “the curse” of the “your eyes are locked legend,”  EVERYONE wanted to date “JUST SOME GUY . . . “ and “Just some girl . . .” and, “Just some ordinary person . . .” and the slogan “they’re just some person,” was SO IN, it became so attractive to find “the human look . . . HOT!!!”

So, there you have it!!! The legend , temporarily known as the “Just Some Guy CRAZE” moved everyone to worship the beauty of the ordinary being. . .

The End

Disclaimer: this and all other Twin Flame stories on this blog are fictional, and though morals are present and messages vary, the intent is to vividly craft perspectives, ideas, and fun stories about Twin Flames. They are all written with love.

Simone ❤  

Copyright( 2017) Simone J. Hrouda

Chubby Cheeks

Yang said to his dream wife, “Baby, please don’t look at another MAN… EVER!!!”

His dream wife (Yin) said, “Once I am on Earth, what if I forget?”

Yang said, “I’ll remind you! If you EVER look at another man… I’ll give you the BIGGEST CHUBBY cheeks ever!!! And then… I don’t know what I’ll do next. I’ll cry myself to sleep. Just know, I’ll know that you did it! You looked at another guy!!! I’ll know!!! No matter where I am!!! I will know!!!”

His dream wife gulped, she said, “Is that really necessary?”

He said, “You don’t understand!!! Just how much it hurts when you look at other men!!!”

She said, “What about women?”

He said, “… I didn’t think this through that far.”

She said, “How will I remember not to look at another man… what if I can’t find you???”
Yang said, “Don’t worry!!! I’ll make sure your cheeks get SOOO chubby… you’ll know you’re looking at the wrong GUY!!!”

His dream wife got really really really shy, she said in a quiet voice… “Sweetie, you’re nuts… “


(It’s really a story for “water elementals”… but others may also feel part water!)

What is the Difference Between TWIN FLAMES and SOUL MATES? (Christmas Version…)

(Note: If you are going to judge the whole storie… please read the whole thing.)

Over the years Santa Claus, up at the North Pole got used to receiving requests for the perfect partner for Christmas, you know, a boyfriend or girlfriend for the holiday season.

One day he said,”Everyone always wants the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend for the holidays! What is worse is sometimes they request a soul mate and other times they request a twin flame. I myself don’t know what that is!!!” He turned around and looked at his partner elf named Elfie, a cute female elf.

Santa then said,”Why Elfie, we are getting lots of requests for soul mates and twin flames for Christmas… it looks as though no one quite knows the difference, and I don’t know which one they really want!!! Go ahead and write out the proper definitions!

“But Santa,” Elfie said, “How will I know the proper definitions without having met my own soul mate or twin flame?” Santa said, “Write what is true in your heart!”

Elfie sat down to draft an explanation on a piece of scroll parchment:

Take 1: Twin Flames and Soul Mates, A Partial Explanation

Which do YOU want for Christmas??? A twin flame or a soul mate???

Soul mates: are notches on your heart. They are “steps” towards your true self!!! They light your chakras up… halfway! Not only that, but they light up your whole house during the holiday season, like those old Christmas lights outside your house! Only problem is, sometimes … they don’t work!

They may have a few flickering light bulbs that may need replacing… but don’t… and do!!! But don’t… It feels like the light bulbs are all working perfectly!!!… until they aren’t! One is out! When it stops flickering… you adjust it! It might start up again…will it??? The SUSPENSE is a THRILL! It is keeping things ALIVE!!! That is why soul mates are great fun!!! 

Twin flames: are… something else… Twin flames are … YOU… from the other side! Twin flames light you up… like a CHRISTMAS TREE!!! … that stays bright and shiny all through the holiday season.

Santa looked at Elfie said, “You need to rewrite this… I am beginning to think that Rudolph put you up to this. Something isn’t quite right.”

Elfie took up her feathered pen… and crossed the entire thing out… “Let’s try that again…” she said, “I guess neither of those seem quite right!!! Oh no!”

Underneath her previous attempt, she wrote down the following:

Twin Flame and Soul Mate Definitions Take 2: A … Light Bulb Analogy Improved!… Accuracy: UNKNOWN

Soul mates: You two are a pair of dim lights! You enjoy romantic evenings with “dim lighting.” You crave dim light! You love candlelight, cookies and milk! You don’t want your relationship to be in the spotlight, just by the fireplace, with hot chocolate! You WANT some things to remain a … mystery… like Santa! Perhaps a few chapters of you life are private between you both? Your past? Dim lights are for you!!!

Twin Flames: Are ready for BRIGHT LIGHT! You thought you could hide that… very intricate mole on your… anyways… you can’t! You both got bored of dim light! You both need BRIGHT LIGHT! You know there is NO LIMIT to how many Christmas lights are on your tree! You want EVERYTHING for Christmas! You don’t hide NAUGHTY items from the NAUGHTY list!!! You are okay with who you are!!! Everything about your partner is perfect! The WHOLE PACKAGE!!! The moles are gifts! And the great part is… you still like candlelight dinners, and dims lights…sometimes…!

…Santa read the piece very carefully… and said… chuckling and covering his eyes with his palms, “sweet elf… I foresee a few errors with this interpretation… There are a few contradictions! Try again!

She picked up her pen with exhaustion, and wrote:

 Take 3: Holy Night, Holy Light, Holy Sight!!! (Christmas Scenario)

Soul mates: Imagine you and your mate are looking for Christmas tree lights at the store, for your tree of course. You want red, all red lights! Your partner wants GREEN, all green lights!!! You COMPROMISE! It feels great! Isn’t it great to COMPROMISE!!! You get… half green and half red lights! You’re happy… and sad… but then in the end… HAPPY!!!


Twin Flames: Imagine you and your mate are looking for Christmas tree lights… you both want the BEST you can find! You act like you both want different ones… One partner really wants ROUND lights… with a curvy shape. The other partner wants BRIGHT lights!!! As bright and clear as can be!!! You approach the issue from different sides! You get a pleasant surprise… when reality hits… THAT YOU BOTH WANT THE SAME ONES!!!… BRIGHT, CURVY LIGHTS!!! It’s a match!!!

Santa picked up the explanation and read it carefully. He whispered, “Elfie… I think you belong in the lighting department or maybe in Christmas decor? Do you think this is going to help people with their Christmas wish lists???

Elfie replied, “I am not sure… but I know it will get them thinking about Christmas early!!! Besides Santa. This is hard! How am I EVER going to accurately explain the difference between these two???”

Santa replied, “Elfie, humans are not like you and me, and they are certainly nothing like light bulbs! He then turned to her and said… keep revising…

…oh and Elfie, if you think… Twin Flames will ever see eye to eye on Christmas tree lights…You’re wrong! I just cannot believe in this stuff! I have NEVER seen two people agree on Christmas tree lights. I am sorry Elfie, but I can’t believe you! I’ll tell you what: I’ll believe it… when I see it!

Elfie… turned to Santa and muttered under his breath…”Hypocrite.”

Moral of story: unknown…

Did you enjoy the story!? Not your type of tale? Don’t fret! There may be more of a slightly different color!

Stay tuned for more TWIN FLAME INFORMATION ANd STORIES…all fictitious in nature.

Copyrighted 2016, Simone J. Hrouda, all rights reserved.